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The Global School

The Global School offers professional development for teachers in Sweden within the area of education for sustainable development. The purpose is school development by exploring global issues and promoting intercultural meetings and active learning in the classroom.

The aim is to provide students with knowledge to participate in the democratic process, make conscious decisions and develop an ethical approach to their environment, allowing them to contribute to a sustainable society in a global context.

What does The Global School offer?

The Global School offers seminars, conferences and workshops within the field of education for sustainable development, which includes topics such as human rights, climate change and global development. The professional training is carried out in collaboration with schools, local authorities, government agencies, non-governmental organisations and international networks. The activities are always free of charge.

Global Journeys

The Global School offers educational journeys to several low- and middle-income countries for Swedish education professionals. The aim is to provide opportunities for school development through intercultural learning and experience of global development issues. During a global journey, participants share everyday life and experience the potential for networking with colleagues in another context and for linking up with partner schools around the world. The Global School currently collaborates with partners in Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Guatemala, India and Uganda.

Who can take part in the programme?

Teachers, head teachers, education policy makers, politicians and local authority officials.

What will the programme lead to?

  • Increased knowledge of education for sustainable development/global education in a local and global context.
  • Increased intercultural understanding.
  • School development by embedding education for sustainable development within the organisation.

Mandate for education for sustainable development

  • The Swedish curriculum clearly expresses the responsibility for schools to incorporate aspects of education for sustainable development, from the preschool to upper secondary education levels.
  • The United Nation's Global Action Programme for education for sustainable development.
  • The Global Goals - Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the UN.


For more information, please contact:

Victoria Palmgren

Phone: +46 10 470 03 74

E-mail: victoria.palmgren(at)uhr.se