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Linnaeus-Palme and MFS-seminar, 28-29 September, 2011

Talare och publik vid Linnaeus-Palme och MFS-seminariet 2011

Utilize and exchange of international experiences - Defining global knowledge.

The participants at the 2011 LP/MFS-seminar were composed of a mix between administrators from the International Program Office and Swedish universities, as well as related organizations in Sweden and abroad.

Also students and teachers, Swedish and foreign, granted scholarships within the Linnaeus Palme and Minor Field Study programs were invited to attend and give presentations.

Focus for the two day seminar

Focus for the two day seminar was trying to find a common definition of what global knowledge is, and how to benefit from it.

What shall we utilize?

  • When does international experience become global knowledge, and how can it be used?What parts of international experiences can be classified as global knowledge?

Who do you want to reach and how?

  • Which message do you use in order to attract new participants?


Please find below the presentations used during the seminars as well as a summary of the results from the different workshops conducted in smaller groups.

Presentation Erfarenhetsutbyte för MFS-handläggare (pdf)

Presentation Swedish Mission Abroad (pdf)

Workshop Day 1 – Utilize (take care of) & Exchange (connect) international experience (pdf)

Workshop Day 2 – Who do you want to reach and how? (pdf)

Minnesanteckningar från workshop: Uppehållstillstånd för studier eller arbete och visum (pdf)

Notes from the Workshop: Residence permits for study or work and visa (pdf)

Pictures from the seminar (pdf)