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Interim Quality Monitoring

Illustratin picuture for QAS Interim Quality MonitoringInterim Quality Monitoring is designed for partnerships that have been running for a while. There are suggestions of activities, documents and tools as well as advice for solving problems that might have occured.

Tools for Interim Quality Monitoring produced by QAS



Useful links for Interim Quality Monitoring

  • European Schoolnet: the gateway to education in Europe with possibilities for cooperation and communication
  • Grundtvig Navigator: Handbook for adult education institutions when starting a European partnership or being involved in one
  • M-TOOL: A common monitoring tool to be used by National Agencies during visits to Partnerships
  • MICE: A tool for self evaluation by partnerships
  • I-Probenet: A tool for self evaluation by partnerships
  • Mobiloutil: A French website with tools and advice for international mobility
  • European Quality Charter for Mobility: A reference document for stays abroad
  • Peda net: a site with webtools for communication between schools both with a platform for exchange of materials and a production tool for web magazines
  • Intertool: a site that provides European project managers and teams with the basic specific intercultural competencies necessary for successful transnational cooperation in the framework of European projects, with a strong focus on the virtual dimension.