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Illustrating picture QAS SustainabilitySustainability is designed for partnerships that are coming to the end of the funded project period. You can read about how other projects managed to continue in one way or the other after the funding period and there is a "Sustainability kit" at your disposal with plenty of other ideas.

Tools for Sustainability produced by QAS:

Useful links for Sustainability

  • Survival Kit: advice for European project management
  • eTwinning
  • EST - examples of educational partnerships useful for inspiration and networking. Will be up and running from May 2010.
  • E-learning: a programme for effective integration of ICT in education and training systems in Europe
  • Europass: tools for the transparency of diplomas, certificates and competences
  • CALIBRATE: support for use and exchange of learning resources in schools
  • European Label: The Label will be awarded each year to the most innovative language learning projects in each country